2018 Fairbanks Clean Up Day

 In Alaska

The AT&T Alaska Pioneers in Fairbanks participated in the annual City Wide Cleanup on May 3rd. The team consisted of Mike McLean, Jerry Cates, Brandon Cates, Landon Hawk, Jerry Conlon, Linda Schleppegrell & Amy McCullough who suited up in their reflective AT&T vests, waders and went to work picking up trash along both sides of the Steese Expressway, Airport Road to Gaffney Road and the back of the AT&T facility. The snow had recently melted leaving a lot of garbage accumulation from our long 8 months of winter. It was a 4 hour event, and was as always, a fulfilling experience for all especially afterwards when we drive our route and see the difference that we made. The public appreciates it as well, showing their favor by honking and giving us the Thumbs Up!

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