11/13/19 Soup Meal Donation to the Eddy House

 In Silver State

Billie and Suzanne made homemade soups for the Eddy House for lunch! In addition, rolls and veggie plate were provided to go along with the soups. Highly requested items such as cough drops, 10 pack of Kleenex tissue, and 210 packets of Emergen-C were donated on the same day. These items were much needed requested items purchased using funds raised from the recent ping pong tournament fundraiser. The chapter also packed 40 To-Go Bags with 8 food items for homeless youth to take with them after the center closes at 5PM. The Silver State chapter plans to host monthly lunches for the next few months!

Homemade chicken noodle and Italian meatball soup! The Eddy House appreciates homemade meals!
To Go bags with 8-9 food items. The Eddy House is only open from 10-5PM Monday through Friday. These bags include a drink, 2 proteins, granola bars, chips or crackers and other food items.

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