Recycling for Sustainability

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AT&T Pioneers have been supporting the charity Cell Phones for Soldiers since 2008 by collecting wireless phones for recycling. This program remains active, however, AT&T Pioneers are now nationally recognizing this program as the “Recycling for Sustainability” program. We continue to collect used cell phones, and this remains a current project working with nonprofit organizations.

How it works: The organization uses funds received from recycled cell phone parts to buy prepaid phone cards for active duty military members. This enables members of the Military an affordable way to connect with their families—and the project also helps the environment by helping to keep cell phones out of landfills.

Recycling in our community helps repurpose used items that normally would be filling up our landfills. AT&T Pioneers are working to reduce waste by recycling. Here are some ideas to do your part in keeping our planet green and free from unnecessary waste.

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